Wireless Bluetooth Headset With Car Charger, 2 USB Ports

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Bluetooth your phone or any other Bluetooth device to a convenient earpiece

Imagine if the ear piece was always charged!


Well that is the magic of the AutoSmith Wireless Headset with Car Charger.  


The headset is cradled into the car charger device.  It constantly charges, so it is always ready to go. 

You do not loose your car charger port, since there are 2 USB ports at the ready.  So plug in your devices, and have your earpiece at the ready, when your phone rings.  

Answer calls, reject calls

Listen to Music, Listen to your GPS Voice Guidance

When you start you engine, your charger connects to power, stop your engine, your charger stops charging, 

Your wireless headset automatically powers on. It will auto disconnect with phone after 5 minutes of no power.  

Automatically pair with your phone.  


Product Size: Headset 18.1 x 18.1 x 23 MM

Talking Time: 1.5 Hours

Charging Time: 1 Hour

Net Weight: 31.2 G

Material: Aluminum Alloy

3 replacement ear cushions.  


ROHS, CE, FC Certified