Talk to the Hand Bluetooth Winter Gloves. Smart Phone

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Here is your it's too cold and you don't want to take your gloves off to answer your phone solution. The Bluetooth gloves gives you the added convenience of bluetooth connectivity with your phone.
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Ever wish you could answer your phone without taking your gloves off or without digging around your purse or pocket for your phone? Bluetooth Gloves are the solution! Ever play pretend phone with a kid by holding your hand up to your ear? This works like that, but in real life! Fun novelty gift!

In any, even the coldest weather, now you can comfortably answer the call with the help of gloves, in which a Bluetooth headset is integrated. Just connect them to your phone via the Bluetooth channel. On the cuffs of one of the gloves, there are answer / dial buttons with LED indication, and the conductive thread in the gloves makes it possible to interact effectively with the touch screens. 

The gloves are soft, warm and will protect your hands from the cold, and their design provides convenience and maximum functionality. Gloves are equally suitable for women and men.

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