Solar Power Night Beams with Motion Sensor

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Outdoor Solar Powered Motion Sensor Flood Light - 8 Super Bright LEDs | Waterproof, Wireless, Wide Angle Illumination - Security Lighting for Outdoor Areas: Driveway, Yard

  • SOLAR POWERED & HIGH EFFICIENCY - The LED lights are powered completely by the sun, no batteries or wires necessary! As long as they’re exposed to plenty of sun during the day they’ll be charged and ready to go when it gets dark! That means easy and fast installation and no hassle or mess!
    • RELIABILITY & SECURITY - Don’t let the dark and shadowy places around your home scare you and keep you inside. Let  solar motion sensor lights illuminate your yard, driveway or patio and help you see clearly and brightly. The motion sensor will quickly turn on the light when it detects movement so you can see exactly what’s happening around your space and keep you from tripping or falling on unseen obstacles. The wide angle illuminations keeps a large area lit up for maximum coverage.