S2O Laundry Sheet German Surprise Buy 1 Get 3 Packages

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Here is the Deal

We have an over run of German labelled 100 Ct S2O Laundry Sheets.   

It is a limited amount. If you buy 1, you will receive 3 x 100 Ct Pouches. 

If you don't mind German labels, this is the deal for you.

You will get a variety of random scents that include, Fresh Scent, Ocean Breeze, Lavender, Mountain Mist and Unscented


Doing laundry has never been easier! Science meets clean in these scientifically developed Laundry Sheets giving you maximum cleaning power in every load. Pre-treat tough stains, toss in laundry in place of detergent, and leave it in to replace even your dryer sheets. No more mess. No more measuring. Just better cleaning with our formula designed to eliminate sticky residue, harsh alkalinity, bleach, phosphates, and nitrates. S2O Laundry Sheets do not do any animal testing. Save time, and get your laundry looking and smelling great again with S2O Laundry Sheets!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee