S20 Laundry Sheets Plus Stain Remover 100 Loads

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S20 Laundry Sheets 100 Count

Your Choice of Fragrance: Fresh, Ocean Breeze, Mountain Mist and Lavender

S2O laundry detergent sheets make doing laundry a breeze. You'll never have to lug around heavy containers of detergents and bleach again. You'll never have to worry about which detergents match your light loads or dark loads. All you have to do is drop a S2O sheet in with your laundry, and that's it! And best of all, by using S2O laundry detergent sheets you can save money by reducing expenditures on laundry supplies!


  • A burst of freshness and leaves clothing smelling clean all day long.
  • Safe for sensitive skin, infant clothing, and all fabric types and colors.
  • Use on your whitest whites, colors and blacks.
  • Will not fade your favorite denims and safe to use on your most delicate silks.
  • Clothing comes equally clean in all water temperatures: hot, warm, cool or cold.