Stainz-R-Out 16 oz Bottle of Concentrate

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The ultimate in stain removal, Stainz R Out can make toughs stains, old and new, vanish from just about any material, anywhere in your home. From oil to lipstick, nail polish to pet stains, independent laboratory tests prove that Stains R Out can remove just about any type of stubborn household stain!

Stainz R Out removes marks on clothing, carpets, leather, upholstery – it even works on hard surfaces like tiles, concrete and bathroom fixtures. The powerful formula is made of environmentally friendly natural banana oil and is completely bio-degradable. Why spend a fortune on lots of different stain removers when you can do it all with Stainz R Out!

12 Reviews

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    Never damages the color or fabric

    Posted by Mike Benny on 23rd Aug 2013

    This is the best spot remover by far. Most of the others destroy the color, even on colorfast items. This NEVER has left a mark on anything I have used it on.

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    Best Cleaner ever

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jun 2013

    I have never used any stain removed as effective as this one; I have tried numerous cleaners and now it is about time to throw them all out and use only this product. Don't hesitate to buy; it is the best out there.

    I love it when this is on special sale.

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    Wouldn't live without it

    Posted by Marti on 23rd May 2012

    I bought this years ago on a home shopping site and I wouldn't live without it, takes out set in stains and any type of stain you have. I had a oiled bruschetta bread my dog stole and laid it on my light colored Ultra suede couch and left a oil stain I used StainzR Out and yep it came out.

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    Posted by J Freeman on 7th Jun 2010

    I have been using this product for over a year.Once a moth I spot clean my carpet it works great. I also use it in the wash. It has
    a pleasant smell. The only complaint I have is
    the shipping fee, it's a bit high.

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    Posted by papergirljp on 30th May 2010

    I have been using this product mainly for my laundry but also around the house for about 5 years now and I LOVE IT!! It has taken out everything from blood to grass stains to chocolate and even . . . melted wax crayon in the carpet . . . NO JOKE!!! I have tried many different stain removers and none have compared to this. The secret is the banana oil that breaks down literally every kind of stain molecule. The only thing it won't take out is bananas!!!!

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    I can't belive this Stuff!

    Posted by Eddie Floyd Jr on 2nd May 2010

    My girlfriend brought this product over two years ago. She had two unopened bottles under the kitchen cabinet. I removed several paint and blood stains from the carpet. Now we've gone stain removing crazy. Tubs, showers, clothes etc. I concur no one will sorry if they purchase this stain remover.

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    Posted by Jill on 26th Sep 2009

    This product is magic. It removes dog stains in the carpet like nothing I have ever tried and beleive me I have tried them all.

    Alos, one time I wash a tube of lipstick with my whites (panties, bras etc) and thought it was over but no way! I used this on the bras and panties and plus put some in the Wash and GONE!!! BUY THIS PRODUCT - you won't be sorry!

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    Posted by Unknown on 25th Sep 2009

    This is a great product. It even took out an old grease stain. The only problem here is the shipping. It almost cost as much as the product. I wish I could find find this in a store.

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    Posted by C M Thomas on 23rd Sep 2009

    This product even took the stains out of the carpet after our dog gave birth on the carpet - blood everywhere. It has cleaned vomit, pet stains, food stains, makeup, anything we throw at it. It takes any grease out of laundry (butter on kids shirt from corn on the cob). I put it in my Rug Doctor and not only does the carpet look new - it smells like bananas instead of harsh chemicals. I cannot live without this stuff - and my neighbors all call me when they have a stain they can't get out!

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