Drive Alert - Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer

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Here is your always drive safe and know your limits alcohol breathalyzer solution. The Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer is an extremely compact and dependable screening device. Make sure you or yours friends don't drive drunk.
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Drive Alert - Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer 

People Handle Alcohol Differently.

Now you'll know if you, or your friends, are too empaired to drive!

The Drive Alert - Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer Would Sell For $59.99 Elsewhere, 

Driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous. A large number of car accident victims in the U.S. are associated with drinking or drunk drivers. What's even more devastating is that, on average, a drunk driver kills someone every 45 minutes!

Some people are able to consume alcohol without feeling the least bit drunk or tipsy. Some people can feel light headed off just a single beer or glass of wine. There are many different factors that influence how quickly you get intoxicated, including your weight, your metabolism and your alcohol tolerance. Our Drive Alert - Portable Breathalyzer will let you know how it affects you or your friends. This is useful information that you will be able to use to make an informed decision on if someone is too drunk to drive!

There is no excuse for Driving While Intoxicated (DUI) besides poor judgement. Give your judgement a helping hand with the convenience of knowing exactly what your Blood Alcohol content really is.

The Drive Alert - Portable Breathalyzer has a digital LED display that reads the concentration of alcohol by measuring the alcohol content exhaled from your lungs. After you breath, your blood alcohol level will be displayed in seconds.

The Drive Alert - Portable Breathalyzer Features:

  • Range: 0.00 - 19% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) and 0.00 - 1.9g/l (0.00 - 95 mg/l BRAC)
  • Audible and Visual Alerts when BAC is at 'Danger' levels 
  • Quick Response Time
  • Auto Power Off

Uses 2 AAA Batteries that are not included.

30 Money Back Guarantee