No Spill Spout

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5.00 (in)
5.00 (in)
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$5.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Set of 3 No-Spill Spouts
The No-Spill Spout is designed with one simple concept in mind... eliminate spills. No-Spill Spout is a clever combination of a spout and funnel that allows air to flow into the one-gallon plastic refill jugs. There is no great secret to the No-Spill Spout, just simple, effective design.

The first vent allows for the passage of the liquid, while the second vent lets air into the container, creating a smooth and easy pour every time. The spout's small end cap makes it easy to seal and store products, while the industrial-grade plastic is guaranteed to work for decades. The body of each spout is one solid piece of industrial-grade plastic with vents on both the top and bottom of the tube which allow the liquid to escape while air seamlessly fills its place.

Gone are the days of glug, glug, glug, splash!

What's Included
1 red spout
1 blue spout
1 green spout
5"L x 1-1/2"W
Made in the USA