Nakomi Nail Polisher Kit

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This is your not enough time to go to the nail salon but need perfect nails in a snap solution. The Nakomi Nail Polisher polishes your natural nails to a beautiful finish. It's cordless and easy to use. Professional looking manicures made easy.

The Nakomi Nail Polisher Kit is designed to to polish your natural nails to a beautiful finish. The cordless, battery operated unit is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. Three roller heads (coarse, medium, & soft) fit easily into place and rotate 360 degrees at either of 2 speed options. Nails will be brighter with less staining and fewer bumps after a single use. Having a smooth, shiny, professional looking manicure has never been easier. 


  • Cordless rotating nail buffer/file
  • Coarse, medium, and soft polishing heads
  • Protective velvet bag

Requires 2 AA Batteries (not included)





Celeste Schiffner -

With over 20 years of trade show, television and product development experience, Celeste has
had a wealth of experience identifying the needs of consumers. Her original product she
developed a market for was a nail buffing system. Working at huge consumer trade shows week
after week, she demonstrated and sold a 3 part manual nail buffing system. The results this
product provided were amazing. It was a little laborious but effective. 3 years ago while walking
one of the Hong Kong Electronic Show, she noticed a battery operated rotating sanding type
item, and quickly realized that the 3 types of manual nail brushes could be converted into
cylinders that would work perfect with this device. At that moment the Nakomi Nail buffing system
was born. When not working with products Celeste enjoys her 19 horses, 1 donkey 4 cats and 2
dogs she cares for while operating the beautiful 40 acres Sunshine Lane Ranch in southern