Lulu Belle's Wonder wear Copper Threaded Compression Garmet fo Dogs. Black/Copper

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Arthritis, Allergies, or Anxiety got your pup feeling down?


Wish you could help your dog feel more comfortable, less anxious, stop scratching and smell better? LuLu Belle's Wonder Wear is designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes to  feel safe and secure! This incredible, machine washable, totally adjustable dog jacket does all that with a combination of:







  • Knit in copper thread fabrication
  • Soft hugging compression
  • Warming/cooling therapeutic gel pack
  • 99.9% Anti-microbial - Killling Germs 
Whether you have a tiny terrier or monster mountain dog, Sizes Tiny-XXL available. 
Finally, say goodbye to pain or stiffness from arthritis; itchy skin allergies, thunderstorm or separation anxiety and pet odor!  Your dog will love feeling wonderful in Wonder Wear! 


** Veterinarian Recommended **

30 Day Money Back Guarnatee