Fonebud Essential Plus Bluetooth Handset, Selfie Control, Flashlight, Powerbank

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Very Unique Gadget

Imagine a Bluetooth handset for your smart phone, with a built in Power charger (5000 mAh)

In addition it has a built in flashlight, auto camera selfie controller. 

Here is a review from iPhone Life Magazine.



Review: Fonebud Essential Plus Is a Charger, Bluetooth Speaker, and Flashlight in One

 Fonebud Essential Plus Is a Charger, Bluetooth Speaker, and Flashlight in One

At the Consumer Electronics Show, I had the chance to see the    Essential Plus  ($78.99) from Fonebud. If you want a USB charger, it's a good choice. If you want a handheld Bluetooth speaker/handset, it's a good choice. If you want all of the above, and a flashlight, it's your only choice! 


My wife doesn't like to use her cellphone too much, for fear of radiation. That's where the Fonebud excels. It acts as a Bluetooth handset and it fits comfortably in your hand. It's about the same form as the Apple Magic Mouse, but maybe a little longer. It comes in assorted colors, including Rose Gold, which is pretty popular with the Apple crowd. It's comfortable, although a bit light, and I'd like to see it have a little more heft, perhaps with a metallic shell, to help justify the $80 price.


Also, I'm getting older, so the buttons could be larger and labeled better. And it could use a wall-mount, integrated cables or even charging prongs too so you could mount it right to a wall outlet. The folks at Fonebud were very receptive to my suggestions at CES, so while I'm quite content with the current model, I will be watching them for more cool products.



Final Verdict

If you are looking for a Bluetooth handset, a USB charger, and a flashlight, there's only one choice: the Essential Plus from Fonebud. 

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