BouDé Wipes Hanging Flushable Wipes Dispenser Inc 42 Count Wipe

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BouDé Wipes

Flushable Multipurpose Wipes And Dispenser


The Flushable Multipurpose Wipes and Dispenser features a unique hanging and refillable dispenser that holds 42 count packs of our flushable, biodegradable, all-natural wipes.


  • Flushable Multipurpose Wipes are alcohol-free and are doctor recommended for the highest standards of hygiene.
  • The refillable dispenser hangs on your toilet paper holder, offering convenience to the user - wipes are ready whenever you need them. Since our dispenser is refillable, we are helping reduce landfill waste.
  • Flushable Multipurpose Wipes surpass INDA standards for flushability, and disperse in water, leaving no environmental waste behind. Our products are sewer- and septic-friendly, and are also great for use in campers, trailers and boats.

We offer refill packs for our dispensers, packaged with 42 wipes in a soft pack that reseals completely, so our wipes never dry out. The refill packs fit in the dispensers, but also offer hygiene on-the-go.

You have three different types of Flushable Multipurpose Wipes and Dispensers  and our refills are also interchangable.


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