Ben-No-Mo Lightweight Aluminum Adjustable-Collapsible Stand Assembly | Lightweight and Compact Design with a Carry Bag | Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Picnic, Travel, Beach, BBQ

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he innovative BEN-NO-MO is slang for “bend no more.” 

Now, when you're having fun cheering on your favorite team you no longer have to worry about your back aching from constantly bending down to grab food or beverages out of your cooler.  The adjustable stand  is changing the way tailgaters find what they’re looking for during the big game.

The Ben-No-Mo is redefining what it means to be a hard-corp tailgater.  Don't strain your back trying to reach the bottom of your cooler, toolbox, or tackle box- purchase a Ben-No-Mo and change the rules of the game.

Intuitively simple to assemble the Ben-No-Mo adjusts to any size cooler with just four simple clicks. There’s absolutely no wrong way to use this trend-setting product.  It's lightweight and easy to assemble yet strong enough to hold 300 pounds. It's easy to pack up and take on your next adventure.

Whether you're at the beach, tailgating, camping or on the go- life is just better with a Ben-No-Mo.

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