Plug & Safe Portable Intrusion Sensor Alarm

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Here's you home away from home security solution. The Plug & Safe portable sensor detects the opening or breaking of any window or door in your home, hotel and even dorm room. When it detects intrusion a powerful alarm sounds.
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Portable Sensor Alarm

The PS10 Portable Sensor detects the opening or breaking of any window or outside door in your home, office, workshop, hotel or dorm room. Set it up anywhere inside and its special circuit senses inaudible sound pressure waves. An internal alarm sounds to scare away any would-be intruders. Pushing, flexing, banging or opening of any door or window will cause the alarm to activate  


  • Plug & Safe PS10 unit 
  • 9-volt battery 
  • Instructions 
  • Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty




I have personally been in the security field for over 40 years and in that time been successful in Personal and close protection,  and designed and built a very successful range of home and hotel safes in the UK and Europe through my company Safeguard Safe company which was sold to my Chinese partners.

I am currently and actively involved manufacturing our plug and Safe Range of products and work closely with our partners Inventures International in the USA.

“We have Been manufacturing security products in the Far East since 1995 and successfully distributing in the USA and Europe through our distributors mainly through media retail”.

Chairman and Managing Director of Safeguard International Ltd for 23 Years

Chairman and Managing Director of Blendfind Property Management Ltd  for 30 yrs

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Upminster Masonic Centre for 5 yrs

Former Fellow of the British Institute of Management,  Freeman of the City of London and Lords Taverner. "


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