Floor To Ceiling Laundry Pole

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This is your extra space needed solution. If you have a ceiling or a floor you have an instant extra closet or laundry room helper. Use it to dry your clothes and save money on your electric bill. Easy to set up and fold up to store.
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Floor To Ceiling Laundry Pole

The Floor-to-Ceiling Laundry Pole is the new smart solution that will create extra space in your closet or laundry room by allowing you to hang your garments on arms. You can save money on your electrical bill from using the Laundry Pole because now you can just hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer.

The Floor-to-Ceiling Laundry Pole is great for spaces large and small. It can be used to dry clothes after the wash or for everyday clothes storage. A true space saver in cramped quarters, it's perfect for laundry rooms, closets, bedrooms and more. 

Features of the Floor-to-Ceiling Laundry Pole:

  • Extendable Poles that fits ceilings 63" to 114"H
  • Twist and lock upper pole into place 
  • Rubber floor and ceiling stoppers prevent slipping 
  • Fold in hanging stations when not in use 
  • Portable and easy to store

Benefits of using Laundry Pole:

  • Creates extra closet space
  • Perfect for the bedroom
  • Hang your delicates
  • Create extra closet space
  • Hang wet or muddy clothes
  • Use it to dry your clothes and save on your electrical bill
  • Hang your sheets and towels
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