Knife Glider

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Knife Glider


Cut! Ouch! When is the last time you cut yourself prepping food? Every year millions of people cut themselves while preparing food in the kitchen no matter what their experience level. The Knife Glider shields your hands and reduces the danger of chopping, peeling, and slicing any type of food, hot or cold. It safely removes foods stuck on the knife after chopping. Lastly, it helps safely transport food from the chopping board to your pot or pan. Easily pop on the Peeling Attachment and protect your hands while peeling potatoes, cucumbers, or carrots. The Meat Attachment allows you to hold hot meat without being burned. The Knife Glider makes it safer to prepare healthy food. People using The Knife Glider also prepares food faster. You will spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things you enjoy!


  • Use the Knife Glider’s Cutting Slit to cut any large food.  Cut fruits, vegetables, or meat without the risk of cutting yourself. The Cutting Slit is perfect for any hard-to-cut food. It is the perfect companion for the household cook.
  • Chopping has never been so easy and safe. Now you can make sure your vegetables and fruits salads are chopped to perfection every time by keeping your food in place, all without chopping your finger!
  • Never again have something stuck on your knife and risk gliding it with your fingers. Glide your food off the knife safely! Cut that hard jicama or carrot and watch it fall into your board using the glide slit in the Knife Glider.
  • Don’t dull your blade scraping your chopped food on your cutting board. Put your knife down and use The Knife Glider to easily scoop or push your chopped food from your cutting board to your pot or pan.
  • No more need to hold the cucumber with your hand to peel it. No more potatoes slipping while peeling them with the knife or peeler. Use the Peeling attachment and see how easy it is to do the job with the Knife Glider.
  • Use the meat attachment to hold food in place as you cut without getting burned! Perfect for carving chicken, turkey, roast, and cutting hot meat fresh off the grill.
  • The Knife Glider quickly collapses and stores with all of its attachments into one simple unit.

More About Knife Glider Inventors - Samuel and Jennifer Shipp

The Knife Glider is an invention of Brilliant Inventors, LLC, owned and operated by married couple Jennifer and Samuel Shipp out of the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. The entire idea of “The Knife Glider” was sprouted by Jennifer, who was tired of unintentionally cutting her hands and fingers while she cooked. She knew there had to be a solution! Unfortunately there was nothing currently on the market that addressed all of the dangers she faced as a mom and wife who loved to cook.

Meanwhile, Sam has always been a pro at “Do It Yourself” projects, and, with his own materials, made the very first prototype of The Knife Glider! The idea soon sprung up that this is something that every cook, whether amateur or professional would love to have in her kitchen arsenal.

Brilliant Inventors, LLC was formed shortly after in 2010, as a medium to bring this idea to life. Under this company, Sam and Jen started their own Indiegogo campaign back in 2011, allowing them the funds needed to get started on this journey from idea to production. They also entered business plan competitions with the City of Mission and the City of McAllen, to provide them the means to move forward and materialize their vision.

After hours, days, weeks, and even years of developing, testing, and tweaking what Sam and Jen originally came up with, the Knife Glider is now available to Kitchen Warriors everywhere!

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