The Gooseneck Telescopic Magnet Light, Military Spec, Super Bright LED,

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Here is your I've drop my keys between the seat of my car and I cant see it or reach it solution. The Gooseneck Magnet Light features a super bright LED bulb and a telescopic magnetic flashlight head.

No more hunting around for dropped screws or difficulty seeing in dark places at odd angles... The Gooseneck Magnet Light is designed to extend, extend some more, bend to the perfect angle, and pick up lost items with its magnetic light head. Reach it, see it, pick it up all with one handy tool! 

Easily light up the hard-to-reach places and pick up your keys, rings, screws or other small items by magnetism with this Telescopic Magnetic LED Flashlight. It utilizes 3 super bright LEDs to produce 200 lumens of light for clear and long range observation. The flashlight features telescopic design and flexible gooseneck to pick up items that are stuck in hard to see and reach places.


  • Super Bright LED Light
  • Telescopic Design extends from 17.5 cm to 57 cm
  • Flexible Goose Neck adjust to any angle
  • Magnetic Head for easy retrieval
30 Day Money Back Guarantee