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The Ultimate Solution for Better Plants


Have your friends started calling you plant killer? Are you tired of not having perfect plants? There's got to be a better way for ensure your plants success! And there is...Dial-N-Grow!

Dial-N-Grow is the first major development of the flower pot since people started making them out of clay. Prior to the Dial-N-Grow, every pot on the planet had two problems. First, there is a hole in the bottom of the pot through where water continually flows making it impossible to keep enough water in the pot to keep the plant alive and happy. The second is that there is no hole in the pot which creates a swamp when watered and the plants die from too much water. 


The Dial-N-Grow contains a unique adjustable water level system that allows the gardener to "set" the moisture level exactly for the specific plant in that pot. No matter how much water you pour in, Dial-N-Grow automatically adjusts to ensure you soil has the perfect amount of moisture for the type of plant you're trying to grow. Even better, it directs that water right to where your plant needs it the most...at the roots!

Simple rotate the inner pot until the correct number appears on the rim and Dial-N-Grow takes care of the rest! Dial-N-Grow can be used year round, indoors and outdoors.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee