Cibo - Catch A Mess Placemat for kids

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Cibo - Catch A Mess Placemat


The Award Winning Cibo “Catch the Mess” Placemat is a "table bib" for children of all ages. Infants use it as a snack holder, toddlers and kids use it to catch their messes, whether it’s food, crafts, beads, Legos or crayons.


  • It is designed as an adorable monster with the large pocket as a mouth that catches (or eats) the mess. It easily sticks to most counter surfaces, including glass, granite and wood, leaving no residue.
  • It is 100% soft silicone, BPA & Phthalate free.
  • It rolls for easy storage and travel, especially to restaurants!

The Cibo was designed by Amy Chandler, the mother of two “Mess Makers”! Her youngest spilled so much while eating, Amy once added up the amount of time in a day she was on her knees cleaning the floor.... A staggering 12 minutes a day, which was over 5 hours a month! What parent can’t use an extra 5+ hours a month? When she couldn’t find anything on the market for her children’s age group, The Cibo “Catch the Mess” Placemat was born.