6 pc - ButtonUp Collar Stays Stainless Steel Pack

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  • 6 metal collar stays total with button hook end
  • 2 each of multiple sizes- 2.25", 2.5", and 2.75"
  • highly durable metal that will not break
  • button helper great for people with arthritis
  • Innovative way to always have a button hook on hand
  • US PAT. 9,119,430

Have you ever found yourself in the odd position of needing to close a button but can't since your hands aren't what they used to be and there is no buttonhook around? With the new ButtonUp collar stay you will never need to worry about such an embarrassment again.  Born out of necessity, these collar stays feature a great button hook edge, so you will always have this essential tool with you, discretely hidden in your collar. Made out of highly durable metal, these collar stays are guaranteed to keep your collars pristine and crisp all day long.  ButtonUp collar stays come in 3 sizes to fit into all of your shirt collars. The package contains the following configuration of sizes; 2- 2.25", 2- 2.5", and 2- 2.75". Instructions Included. US Patent 9,119,430 

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