Magi Mags Magnetic Tape- Buy 2 Get 2 Free Offer

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3+ Magi Mags

Buy 2 Get 2 Free Special My Cool Inventions Radio Offer!


Simply tear to desired length and pair 2 pieces against each other, one on the surface to be attached to and the other to the item to be posted. Specially designed tape with magnetic on one side, adhesive on the other. 3+ Magi Mags Tape don’t need cutting tools required and perfectly safe; simply tear lightly to desired length. This item is made with special adhesive designed to be removed without damaging most items.

 3+ Magi Mags is a great accessory for office, classroom, home and shop. With it's compact roll-up design it is easy to store.

Each Roll is 3 Meters Long!


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