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  • Adjustable Car Charger Holder

    Adjustable Car Charger Holder

    The Adjustable Car Charger Holder is designed to give you perfect visibility of your phone without taking up charging space in your vehicle. The Charger features fully adjustable pieces for a custom fit view for any phone. Charge your phone and another...

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  • Bluetooth Beanie

    Bluetooth Beanie

    The Amazing Bluetooth Beanie It's cold outside and your phone rings! You take off your gloves to answer the call in the bitter cold. There has got to be a better way! Introducing the Amazing Bluetooth Beanie! The Amazing Bluetooth Beanie keeps your...

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  • Car Charge Flashlight

    Car Charge Flashlight

    Meet the perfect flashlight for your car, The Car Charge Flashlight! This little flashlight fits easily in a pocket, purse, or glove box and charges up right in your cigarette lighter/ car charging port. Twist the top to focus or broaden the light beam...

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  • Chamois Shammy Cloth 6pk

    Chamois Shammy Cloth 6pk

    This long lasting fiber cloth is highly absorbent and easily cleans liquids from any surface, holding 10 times it's weight in liquid. Get 6 at an amazing price!

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  • Door Store Storage Solution

    Door Store Storage Solution

    Door Store Storage Solution Your Complete Storage Solutiion! Ever notice how fast your pantry, cupboards and closets fill up with the stuff you need? There is a solution to that's called the Door Store! Door Store converts any door into...

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  • Drive Alert - Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer

    Drive Alert - Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer

    Drive Alert - Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer  People Handle Alcohol Differently. Now you'll know if you, or your friends, are too empaired to drive! The Drive Alert - Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer Would Sell For $59.99 Elsewhere, Our...

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  • Extreme Tactical Power Bank

    Extreme Tactical Power Bank

    Extreme Tactical Power Bank  For those those of us that are serial meeting-goers, look no further than the Extreme Tactical Portable Power Bank. The Extreme Power Bank allows you to have access to your tablet and smartphone even when you...

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  • Force Field RFID Blocker

    Force Field RFID Blocker

    Force Field technology Provides Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near-Field Communications (NFC) protection  Provides a 360-degree force field around your wallet Blocks 13.56 MHz RFID scan...

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  • Hands-Free CRESBI Crate Cooler System

    Hands-Free CRESBI Crate Cooler System

    Hands-Free CRESBI Crate Cooler System Be a Boxer not a Bagger with a CRESBI System! This Hands-Free CRESBI Cooler is a collapsible thermal containment system that expands to be a hard-sided heavy duty thermal insulator. The crate, strap and cooler...

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  • InBrella Patented Reversible Umbrella

    InBrella Patented Reversible Umbrella

    The patented InBrella was designed by one of our wonderful My Cool Inventions inventors who saw the need for a better umbrella! He has eliminated the struggle of getting in and out of buildings and cars in the rain, the mess of a dripping closed...

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  • Keep Kool Sunshade 2 Pack

    Keep Kool Sunshade 2 Pack

    Keep Kool Sunshade 2 Pack Had Enough of the Summer Heat? Keep Your Car Kool! When the sun shines your car gets hot...real hot! You need a car sunshade that works and doesn't fall down. Your solution? Introducing the Keep Kool Sunshade! Simple attach...

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  • Microfiber Cloth Set 6pk

    Microfiber Cloth Set 6pk

    Seeking an easy to use and versatile home cleaning solution? These handy microfiber cloths can be used indoors or out on just about any household mess. A smart alternative to paper towels, you can wash and reuse them, helping you save money and reduce...

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