Kitchen Gadgets

  • CAREMometer Food Safety Thermometer

    CAREMometer Food Safety Thermometer

    CAREMometer CAREmometer is the ONLY thermometer case on a market that opens up for easy inspection, cleaning and sanitation that is designed to reduce food poisoning. This patented device is a food thermometer case, and while food thermometer cases are...

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  • Chefly Fridge Deodorizer

    Chefly Fridge Deodorizer

    Chefly Fridge Deodorizer  Tired of Odors in the Fridge and Food That Seems to Spoil Faster Than It Should?   Stop throwing food in the trash! The Chefly Fridge Deodorizer is the solution! Fruits and vegetables emit ethylene, a natural gas...

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  • Knife Glider

    Knife Glider

    Knife Glider Cut! Ouch! When is the last time you cut yourself prepping food? Every year millions of people cut themselves while preparing food in the kitchen no matter what their experience level. The Knife Glider shields your hands and reduces the...

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  • Magic Twist Jar Opener

    Magic Twist Jar Opener

    No More Struggling With To Grip and Turn Any Bottle or Jar! Magic Twist is not only safe, it has an extra feature that other products just can't offer. It can open almost anything, and close it too! Magic Twist's rubber strip can slide to the right for...

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  • V Blade Total Slicer

    V Blade Total Slicer

    V Blade Total Slicer Introducing the amazing new kitchen helper that lets you slice, ripple cut, julienne, shred, grate and zest just like a professional chef! Introducing the incredible “Total Slicer”! Total Slicer unique V-Blade,...

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