Hands-Free CRESBI Crate Cooler System

Hands-Free CRESBI Crate Cooler System

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Hands-Free CRESBI Crate Cooler System

Hands-Free CRESBI Crate Cooler System


Be a Boxer not a Bagger with a CRESBI System! This Hands-Free CRESBI Cooler is a collapsible thermal containment system that expands to be a hard-sided heavy duty thermal insulator. The crate, strap and cooler offer a variety of options for carrying groceries that will save you time, keep you healthy, and protect your products. Plus you’ll be saving the world from plastic bags and cheap reusable ones! Also great for picnics, potlucks, soccer games and tailgates! It's in-CRATE-able!


  • SAVE THE EARTH - One CRESBI crate can replace up to 6 plastic bags, depending on what you buy.
  • AVOID THE HASSLE OF RECYCLING PLASTIC BAGS - One shopper in one year, on average, gets 500 plastic bags, no need to recycle now!
  • AVOID GERMS ON QUICK TRIPS - You don’t have to use the store’s basket by bringing in your own CRESBI crate. • AVOID REUSABLE BAG PROBLEMS - Most reusable bags are nonwoven polypropylene - hard to clean by their instructions of \"hand-wash in cold\" and few places will recycle them when they fall apart so they end up in a landfill.
  • SAVE TIME AT THE CHECKOUT - If the checkers at the store you shop at have hand-held scanners, open your crates when you walk in the store. Put your barcodes up on your products as you place them in the crates. At checkout the checker can scan them right in the crate with a handheld scanner.
  • SAVE YOUR PRODUCTS - No more free range cans, bruised fruit, or crushed bread on the trip home.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE, SAVES SPACE - Stackable CRESBI crates can be used for potlucks, camping, etc then collapsed down after usage.
  • THERMAL PROTECTION INCLUDED - All systems include a way to keep foods hot or cold.
  • EASY TO CLEAN, DISHWASHER SAFE - You can kill 99% of bacteria by washing CRESBI crate in In very hot water like that in a dishwasher. •
  • FITS ALL GROCERY CARTS - Collapsible crates have been around forever but CRESBI crates are light yet sturdy, plus they fit into every grocery cart, no matter how much or how little you buy there's a CRESBI system for every shopper. 

More Info:

CRATE SPECS - 15\"Wx10\"Dx8\"H open, holds 20 pounds, polypropylene, ships in blue  

STRAP SPECS - 1\"W polyester, made in America, ships in blue (other colors available)

COOLER SPECS - polyester canvas with thick insulating material, front pocket, dual zippers, hand wipe clean with hot water & dish soap, blue only.

SYSTEM WEIGHT - 2 pounds, 2 ounces