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  • Back Nodger Instant Relief Self Massager

    Back Nodger Instant Relief Self Massager

    Did you know that up to 97% of people have knots in their shoulders, backs, or necks? We hunch in front of computers, carry stress and tension, and many suffer from scoliosis or back injuries that cause pain. The Back Nodger is here to help! Back...

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  • Baseball Performance Optimization Device POD

    Baseball Performance Optimization Device POD

    Improve your swing with science and technology with the Baseball Performance Optimization Device POD! Install device on the base of the bat and connect with the mobile app via bluetooth. The device has an internal memory capacity to store around 3,000...

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  • Bluetooth Beanie

    Bluetooth Beanie

    The Amazing Bluetooth Beanie It's cold outside and your phone rings! You take off your gloves to answer the call in the bitter cold. There has got to be a better way! Introducing the Amazing Bluetooth Beanie! The Amazing Bluetooth Beanie keeps your...

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  • Bluetooth Camo Cap

    Bluetooth Camo Cap

    Answer the phone or listen to music with this Bluetooth Cap with earbuds built right in! Camo print makes it a great choice for hiking, hunting, fishing, or camping!

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  • Cap Super Light Hat Light 2pk

    Cap Super Light Hat Light 2pk

    Cap Super Light Hat Light 2pk The All Season Tactical LED Hat Light is designed to fit securely on the brim of almost any hat and does not obstruct the wearer's vision. The weather-resistant clip houses a COB LED array that offer up to 23 hours of...

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  • CPR Life Wrap

    CPR Life Wrap

    We hope we never need to use CPR, but in an emergency, having the right tools could literally save a life. CPR LifeWrap was designed to provide safe and effective CPR instructions with visual guides, a one way breathing valve, and easy to clean clear...

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  • Floatinator Floating Drink Holder

    Floatinator Floating Drink Holder

    Floatinator Floating Cup Holder When You're In the Water, It's Time to Go With the Float! Too many bottles, cans and cups ended up half empty or on their way to the bottom of the lake. And a good drink is a terrible thing to waste. Our inventor...

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  • Hydro Water Bottles By APG

    Hydro Water Bottles By APG

    Hydro Water Bottles For Jogging, Walking And Running   Our goal is to enhance your running or walking routing so you achieve your fitness goals faster. HYDRO by APG bottles are ergonomically designed to encourage proper form and posture...

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  • InBrella Patented Reversible Umbrella

    InBrella Patented Reversible Umbrella

    The patented InBrella was designed by one of our wonderful My Cool Inventions inventors who saw the need for a better umbrella! He has eliminated the struggle of getting in and out of buildings and cars in the rain, the mess of a dripping closed...

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  • Onebrella


    Onebrella is the last umbrella you will ever buy! OneBrella is the last umbrella that you will ever buy! How sure are we? This sure. If OneBrella ever bends, turns out or gets damaged. Even if the damage is your fault. We will send you a FREE...

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