Couch Coaster

Couch Coaster

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This is your never spill another drink on your sofa solution. The Couch Coaster lays over the arm of your chair or couch and is designed to make sure you never tip or spill every again. Perfect for all types of glasses or cups.
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Couch Coaster

Couch Coaster - The Ultimate Drink Holder

Uh-oh! You've spiller another drink on your sofa. There's got to be a better way of keeping your beverage secure. There is! Introducing the Couch Coaster!

Keep your beverage close at hand with the Couch Coaster. Designed to lay over the arm of your couch, sofa or easy chair, it provides a staple place to set your drink without worries over tipping, spilling or beverage sweating. It works with a variety of mugs and tumblers, or even bottles and cans when you use the included adapter and is perfect for hot and cold beverages alike.