Put an Invisible Shield Around Your Home!

Ever wish you hire someone to sit up nights keeping a watchful eye — and ear — on your home and family? With Plug & Safe, you can do just that. Its home sensor detects the sounds and vibrations of doors or windows before they are opened and responds in kind. You can set it up to turn on the lights or radio while you're home and asleep, or sound its ear-splitting alarm when you're away. Either way, it will send would be burglars off and running. It's the next best thing to sleeping with one eye, and two ears, open.

Imagine...just plug it in and let it start to scan every door and every window. Plug a light or stereo in to it and they will automatically come on if someone touches the outside of your home. (Think "Scotty put the shields up!"). It can even welcome you home! Plug & Safe, when activated, can also turn the lights on for 3 minutes when you get home. No more dark entry way to come home to. It'll then reset itself and start protecting you again!

Best of all, there's no contracts and no credit check like many home security providers! Get your special Buy 1 get 1 FREE offer today!  CLICK HERE to get yours!