Don't Cut Yourself Opening Holiday Packages This Year!

Don't Cut Yourself Opening Holiday Packages This Year!

23rd Nov 2017

We crane our necks to see when a package finally arrives. Even though we know what's in it, we're still impatient to open the package to see. The pen knife that is usually at our side for just this sort of thing, for some reason is not there. Well, there are always our two hands. Still not coming open? Then there are always teeth!

Opening a courier package is like turning over a garbage can. Did you know news reported that a girl developed a terrible mouth ulcer after biting open an express package? Better wait to find a more suitable tool. Finally, with a knife in hand, expectant to get inside of the delivery, one swipe at the box and, oh no! You swiped too hard and have cut your precious delivery! Now you've messed up! Enter a nearly magic package opener, the NexTool TaoTool, a name as mysterious as its function, that is safe and easy to use.

This clever tool is a deftly made, repeatedly tested, and ultimately marketed as a safe and easy package opener. The high point of the TaoTool's design lies at the head, a unique hook design what protects the inside objects from getting cut during package opening, and also keeps your hands from getting hurt, and still getting the courier package safely opened. The sharp blade of the knife can cut through 5 mm thick cardboard, getting the packaging open easily while keeping the contents intact. To use, you just hook the package and pull the tool along to simply and elegantly open your courier package.

You can find out more about the NexTool Tao Tool by CLICKING HERE