Instant Charge USB Rechargeable AA Batteries 2pk

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Instant Charge USB Rechargeable AA Batteries 2pk

Stop throwing your money away on costly store-bought batteries. Our Instant Charge batteries work just like regular lithium batteries, but with a stealthy secret. Lift up the cap to reveal a USB connection that plugs into any USB port for convenient charging. It's that easy! Problem solved!


  • Easily charged from any USB power source
  • Up to 500 charge cycles
  • Nominal 5-7 hours of full charge time
  • Preset voltage control circuit prevents overcharging
  • Can be charged using a traditional NiMH AA batter charger
  • Includes an LED indicator for charging status
  • 1200mAh 1.2V

Note: These batteries must be fully charged (about 5-7 hours) prior to initial use.