Nite Lite And Torch

Nite Lite And Torch

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Nite Lite And Torch

Nite Lite And Safety Torch

This LED night light with motion detector does not leave you in the dark. When motion is detected the light comes on and makes 40-50 lumens worth of light for a pleasant brightness. When no more movement is detected, it automatically turns off after set time. This LED night light can be plugged into any socket in the house and can be used anywhere! The LED torch can also be detatched and used as a flashlight. Whether in the hallway, in the hallway, in the nursery or at a night "tour" in the house, this LED light can be used where it is needed Charging by induction Lamp contains built-in, long LED bulbs. 


  • Multifunction: serves an Emergency Power failure Light, Flashlight and as an Automatic Motion-sensing Night light that goes on only in the dark and when movement is detected.
  • In the case of an emergency this light will automatically detect any power failure and will automatically light up when Blackout is detected
  • When this light detects normal electricity this light serve as a Motion sensor nightlight, it identifies day and night automatically and will only illuminate at night when movement is detected and Turns off automatically after 20 seconds if no motion is detected
  • Installation is extremely easy, just plug it into any outlet!
  • These LEDS never need replacement And the Environmentally friendly Lithium Ion battery charges wirelessly through your outlet VIA the included base